ABOUT Storyopolis Provocateur

~Storyopolis Art and Storyopolis Provocateur, are located in a must see gallery in charming Richardson, Texas. Just North of Dallas and in the heart of fast growing, beautiful communities, and Fortune 500 companies. Storyopolis has been an incredible haven for new and experienced art collectors for over 15 years.  Storyopolis originated in Los Angeles, California and has a rich history of housing some of the most sought after collections for sale from renowned artists and illustrators.  Storyopolis is known for its amazing exhibitions, artist meet and greets, and speaker series. At gallery events, Clients have often sat in awe as they watched visiting artists create masterpieces before their eyes.

Storyopolis Art’s collection for sale includes originals and prints from children's picture books. The stories come to life on the walls of the gallery.


The Storyopolis Provocateur collection includes contemporary and lowbrow art. Together, the collections include the work of many of Europe's most dynamic artists. Some of these artists are Italian artist, Nicoletta Ceccoli who Owner Matthew Abramowitz calls "an angel with a paint brush", to the magnificent Allison Jay from Great Britain whose work stands alone in its magnificence. In addition, the gallery has original work from Australian Artist, Leith O’Malley and the mind blowing work of Joe Sorren and Gary Taxali. Matthew Abramowitz said, "Our collection celebrates gifted artists who do not hold back - the result is greatness, they will change the way you view the world."

Storyopolis Art and Storyopolis Provocateur are located at 1360 Campbell Rd, Suite 112, Richardson, Texas 75080.